Nulla Salus Nulla Creatio

Because creation and redemption are inseparable, God’s decision to create is one with his choice to perfect creation. His providential love is identical with his continued act of creatio ex nihilo; therefore creatio ex nihilo ensures universal salvation. There is no additional act added to the act of creation. And, consequently, without God’s providential act […]

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Berdyaev On Personality and Suffering

Personality is not only capable of experiencing suffering, but in a certain sense personality is suffering. The struggle to achieve personality and its consolidation are a painful process. The self-realization of personality presupposes resistance, it demands a conflict with the enslaving power of the world, a refusal to conform to the world. . . . […]

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Bulgakov’s Vatican Dogma (Notes)

Part I Sergius Bulgakov has written a trenchant critique of the Vatican’s move to define the absolute authority of the pope and the dogmatization of the pontiff’s infallibility apart from the whole Church. He contends not only that real discussion was stifled at the council by Pope Pius IX himself but also that it was […]

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They do not want what could be They do not despair of what is lost; Their god would not save you or me He counts the wages, he counts the cost; In the balance he tips the scales, One to the left one to the right; What is it to him who passes or fails […]

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Summary of “Impassibility As Transcendence: On the Infinite Innocence of God” by David Bentley Hart

In this essay Orthodox theologian David Bentley Hart challenges the later Western development of the doctrine of predestination as presented in the de auxiliis controversy of the early modern period. After providing us with a proper grammar of divine transcendence, Hart goes on to give us the historical context of the de auxiliis controversy and, […]

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