William Desmond On Prayer

Prayer may be the deepest enactment of the intimacy of being; for the praying self is the most idiotic. It is senseless and yet divines sense beyond sense. It is given over, yet it is the audacity of trust. It is elemental vulnerability and appeal, elemental perplexity and consent, elemental confession and renewal, elemental adoration and fragile glory. It demands nothing, yet waits in expectation of all good. This is the infinity of the simple. Augustine said that God was intimior intimo meo. This is the intimacy of being beyond the ego, and beyond the intimacy of self. It is the idiocy of God. Of God we are made mindful in an idiot wisdom. If death is the final idiocy in between, then the only way to die is with a proper prayer. We may spend a life looking for the proper prayer. Can idiotic metaphysics close its mind to this audacity and this appeal?

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